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Bulgarian Phrasebook

Bulgarian Phrasebook

Bulgarian Phrasebook

  • 7,00 лв.

  • МаркаBulgarian
    Наличност: В наличност
    ISBN: 954-8805-18-9
    Автор: Liudmil Tsvetkov

The present Bulgarian Phrasebook will be of use to all speakers of English that will be visiting Bulgaria on a tour, for purposes of recreation, business or studying alike.

It offers you:

• convenient and accurate theme and section structures
• a fine choice of words and phrases, according to the frequency of their use in the Bulgarian language
• questions and answers formulated in a way making it easier for you to come up with the necessary sentence in the given situation
• an opportunity to use the Bulgarian language and to gradually deepen yoour knowledge
• much useful information that will make you not to feel a stranger in Bulgaria


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