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Bulgarian for English Speakers

Bulgarian for English Speakers

Bulgarian for English Speakers

  • 20,00 лв.

  • МаркаBulgarian
    Наличност: В наличност
    ISBN: 954-8805-69-3
    Автор: Krassimira Kundeva, Violina Tzvetkova
    Формат: 21.5/14.3 сm, 384 pages

BULGARIAN for English Speakers is a brand new self-study book specially designed to meet the needs of anybody intending to learn Bulgarian well in a short time. Whoever you are - a student, a businessperson or a visitor to the country, this book is for you.

BULGARIAN for English Speakers contains all the knowledge that you need, emphasizing on real-world tasks. The book includes many dialogues and other texts specially created to help you speak and be understood. It develops your vocabulary systematically and also covers all the required grammar skills.


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